European subcompact hatchback Smart Forfour

High quality vector image of European subcompact hatchback — Smart Forfour, isolated on white background. File contains gradients, blends and transparency. No strokes. Easily edit: file is divided into logical layers and groups.

More about Smart Forfour: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_Forfour

Keywords: Smart Forfour; car; vehicle; automobile; supermini; mini; compact; subcompact; microcar; minicar; urban; city; k-car; kei; economy; family; small; B-segment; B-class; hatchback; five-door; 5-door; front-wheel-drive; front; wheel; drive; EU; European; Netherlands; green; khaki; design; isolated; white background; icon; vector; illustration; realistic; photorealistic; object; single

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