Hello to all! I am pleased to welcome you on my blog.

My name is Gennady. I was graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Art College. But I did not become an artist in the traditional sense. Now I'm a designer. In free time I create vector graphics for microstocks.

My priority themes — vehicles, as well as various kinds of machinery.

Why? Because vehicles are the result of the collective efforts of many people, the best professionals in their field. Every gear is a symbol of era. And I like to recreate the character of this era.

Working towards a realistic vector graphics. My files are very labor intensive and therefore my portfolio is not big. It is my pleasure to do complex files and I'm happy every time a customer chooses my work.

The best work from my portfolio, I will post on Vector Room.
Please do not hesitate to leave your comments.

Gennady Poddubny

My works you can see at these resources:

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